Transitioning From Fall to Winter

Happy Holiday Season My Friends!

Big News! Existing patients can now make appointments online — see the bottom of this blog for the details!

Fall has been beautiful here at the Acupuncture Cabin. The trees put on a stunning show of bright yellow, orange and red, and are now losing the last of their leaves in preparation for winter.

The Acupuncture Cabin visitors and I have had the sweet experience of watching my pollinator garden come to life as the Fritillary butterfly joined in the dance of fall colors unfolding! If you want to see the Gulf Fritillary’s life cycle, plant passion flower vine. I gratefully witnessed nature’s dance as the propagation of this butterfly unfolded in my yard. I watched the Fritillary busily go about laying eggs on the passion vine, the hungry caterpillars eating every last leafy sprout, the miraculous chrysalis stage, and lastly the emergence of a magnificent butterfly. What a site to behold! This particular butterfly emerged right on my patio screen door.

Self Care Tips for Winter

Winter is a natural time of letting go and self renewal. Take care of yourself by aligning with the energy of the winter season and observing what nature is teaching us. This is a sweet time to move with the flow of nature and release anything you’re holding that no longer serves your highest good. If you feel sad while letting go it’s ok, mother nature will hold your tears. Settle into the present moment and find a favorite place to watch nature’s dance, take some notes as the last of the leaves are letting go with help from the wind. Watch as the creatures collect seeds, nuts and berries to fatten and fuel up. Create your own self-care rituals to support your bodies natural rhythms in preparation for the colder winter’s stillness. I’ve listed below a few tips for you . . .

Protect Your Body. Your Wei (Protective) Qi draws inward in the winter so guard it well by making sure you dress warm in the cold and windy weather – protect your head with a hat, your neck with a scarf, your body with a jacket.

Stay Hydrated. Winter can get very dry — hydrate your body with water, teas, herbal baths, lotions and balms.

Eat Warming Foods. Soups, Traditional Chinese Medicine porridges (I have recipes for you!), teas and ancestral foods to warm your body through and protect your energy stores. And yes go ahead make some winter apple, pecan and pumpkin pies with natural sweeteners to warm your soul!

Slow Down. The days are shorter, the nights longer — go to bed early and sleep in when you can! Don’t take on too much, spring is the season for doing more. Embrace a slow steady pace to support your immune system this Winter.

Move Your Body. Just 20 minutes a day, or more. This keeps your rivers of Qi energy flowing freely, and supports you in letting go of toxins and stuck emotions which can cause illness; it also supports the lung and large intestine organs that most need our care in the winter months.

Get Outside! Connect with your true nature by connecting to the bounty of nature around you! This is ancient wisdom, our ancestors lived by their connections to nature, and this age old practice is so needed in todays modern world — the great outdoors will restore your body and soul!

And last, but not least get yourself to the Acupuncture Cabin for some warm and cozy immune system support! If you are a current patient you can click to schedule below. If you are new to Seasons Health, or it has been over one year since I have seen you, please send me an email and I will get you on the schedule myself so we have plenty of time to catch up and assess how I can best assist you in optimal health this winter.

(Existing clients only)

I wish you each a vibrant healthy winter season, and all the best of the upcoming year. Fill yourself to the brim with nature’s bounty, long restorative walks, plenty of rest, deeply nourishing foods and teas. Surround yourself with the people and things you love.

I would be honored if you would please share this blog with your friends and family. And you can Reach out to me to purchase a holiday treatment for a loved one. I hope to see you soon at the Acupuncture Cabin.

Bountiful Blessings and Love,


Seasons Health

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