Remote Traditional Chinese Medicine–Herbal And Holistic Healthcare Consults

Charlotte provides Traditional Chinese Medicine and Holistic Healthcare Coaching online / remotely in Austin and other Texas cities to help her patients reach their health goals conveniently from the comfort of their own homes.  This is an especially good option if you are homebound and want to rest assured you have the care you need for a speedy recovery.  Your personal treatment plan may include Dietary and Lifestyle tips, Chinese Herbal Remedies, Nutritional Supplements, Stress Reduction Techniques, and more.

Payment is due prior to consult, and fee depends upon the length of consult.

Contact Charlotte now to begin your journey to good health from the comfort of your own home.

How it works:

  1.  After initial contact and email discussion with Charlotte, she will send the necessary forms to you to fill out and return to her.  Then, she will email you to determine an appt. time, length, and fee.  Lastly, charlotte will send you a link for your appointment!
  2. Charlotte will consult with you through her tele-health platform.  She will provide a written herbal prescription and other holistic healthcare recommendations.
  3. Charlotte will send herbal prescriptions to AOMA Herbal Medicine Pharmacy (either North or South) at AOMA Graduate School of Integrative Medicine, or recommend herbs you can purchase on her online pharmacy.  Also, recommended Supplemental Prescriptions can often be purchased at Peoples Pharmacy or Med Savers.