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Acupressure Massage for Babies, Toddlers and Young Children

Charlotte Sobeck is offering home visits to teach interested parents a tried and true infant and child massage method called Tui Na.

Tui Na massage has been used thousands of years in the East to keep kids healthy and treat illness. This type of massage is largely unknown here in the US — Charlotte would like to change that as it works!  Research shows babies thrive from the touch of a loving parent.  In fact, children who receive massage are healthier and gain weight properly throughout their development.

Tui Na massage is safe to use in infants and toddlers and is most effective in children 5 and under.  Tui Na is especially nice for treating children because it is gentle and induces no side effects.  Acupressure points are activated without the use of needles.

Tui Na is Charlotte’s favorite method for keeping babies and young children well because it builds and strengthens the immune and digestive systems and promotes healthy maturation.  Babies and  young kids love it — and all it takes is warm hands and a warm heart!   Tui Na is also used for common childhood issues such as quality of sleep, constipation and diarrhea, colic, acute illnesses, torticollis, fevers, nausea, lack of appetite, nightmares, bed-wetting, ear aches, coughs, congestion, hyperactivity, and other childhood issues.

The basic techniques to build immunity are easy to learn and can be reinforced at home between sessions with Charlotte.   It’s a wonderful gift for new parents and babies, and a tool that can be  used for years to come to keep your child well, and to help heal childhood illness as needed.  $100 per home visit.  Email Charlotte at to make arrangements for your home visit.

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