“I was at my wit’s end with seasonal allergies and multiple bouts of bronchitis, when a dear friend recommended her acupuncturist – nutritionist Charlotte Sobeck. From the moment I began working with Charlotte, I have appreciated her ability to listen to my concerns, allay my fears and gently encourage me as I began to make dietary changes and adopt new health practices– some very simple–to bring my body back into balance. Over time, I have not been sick as often and neither has my family, which was noticeable even to our pediatrician who asked what we’d been doing differently. And when we have been sick or assaulted by Austin’s mix of mold and cedar, I know how better to handle it for myself and our family, so we all feel better. Charlotte has taught me how to forge my own path to health and for that I am eternally grateful.”

— Amy, Austin, Tx.

After suffering with serious digestive and lung problems for a number of years and getting no relief from “medical” doctors, a friend referred me to Charlotte.  She took the time to question me about all things relating to my conditions, and then crafted a treatment plan including herbs, vitamins,  and acupuncture, as well as nutritional suggestions.  Over the last couple of years I’ve continued to see her and she’s revised the plan as my needs have changed.  Now I know how Lazarus felt, because at times I really do feel like I’ve been raised from the dead!  Can’t recommend her services highly enough.

— Rebecca, Austin, Tx

Charlotte has helped me to get back on track with my self care and health. She is a wealth of information and really takes the time to listen to what I have to say. She has helped me with occasional cedar allergies and boosting my immune system. I love her emphasis upon a seasonal, organic, and local diet as well as the importance of a healthy gut. She has been there for me when I really needed her, and with this said, I would highly recommend her to anyone. — Lisa, Montessori teacher/guide

I was considering counseling for anger management during an unusually stressful time at work. A friend who had just come from acupuncture treatment for back pain commented that she always felt calm after acupuncture. I asked Charlotte if her acupuncture treatments could give me that same calm, and she designed a treatment program for me. Her acupuncture treatments produce a deep calmness and relaxation that I have not otherwise experienced, not even from regular massage therapy. As a result of Charlotte’s acupuncture, my emotions and anger are controlled. As an added plus, Charlotte is always attentive to my overall health and to relieving my various aches and pains. I am sold on Charlotte’s acupuncture, and I include her treatments as a regular part of my plan for a healthy life.

— Tim, Austin, Texas

Both my husband and I see Charlotte on a regular basis and she has also cared for my toddler.  Unlike Western doctors, Charlotte doesn’t just treat our symptoms with medicine.  Charlotte spends the time to find the underlying cause and heal our immune systems.  Charlotte introduced us to traditionally-prepared foods, and it has changed our lives forever. I feel great and my asthma and allergy symptoms have virtually disappeared. My daughter is healthier than ever and doesn’t pick up every cold she comes in contact with. My husband has also been able to stop using his prescribed ADD medication through Charlotte’s combination of acupuncture treatment and Chinese herbal remedies.  We all highly recommend Charlotte!

— Lindsey, Austin, Tx

My son  is a very active 10-year old boy.  Admittedly, he has some focus and attention issues that we are dealing with.  And, the reasons I love bringing him to Charlotte are many in number.  Charlotte is patient and gentle and truly knows how to speak to him to get him to describe what’s really bothering him.  We initially came to Charlotte to help with his allergy issues but she has helped us to help him in so many other areas as well.  She talks about the importance of a “happy gut” even as it relates to the allergy issues.  It’s really all common sense but not the way our society generally thinks and certainly not the way many of us (myself included) were raised.  She shows him some things he can do to self soothe for headaches and such.  She has also shown me some stretching and massaging that I can do to help him — and he loves to have it done!  She prescribes various chinese herbs for his particular symptoms but all the while focusing on the probiotics and enzymes needed for the happy gut.  She even taught him how to swallow the pills and capsules.  I only wish I had had Charlotte to teach my oldest son how to swallow pills — she did a much better job than me!  My son always feels significantly better after a treatment with Charlotte and it’s truly amazing to me that despite his generally hyper nature that she can get him to be calm and still for the treatment.  When I asked him why he likes going to see Ms. Charlotte for acupuncture he said,

  • “I like everything about the acupuncture – especially the needles – I really like the needles.”
  • “It relaxes me.”
  • “If my energy is up and I’m really hyper, the needles help me to relax.”

— Elizabeth, Austin, Tx

I went to see Charlotte in desperation to try to avoid foot surgery.  I had a neighbor who sung her praises. Frankly I was skeptical, but when I saw the difference in my neighbor and her husband’s overall health, I thought, “What do I have to lose?”  I had severe plantar fasciitis in my left foot; it was painful to walk.  I had been seeing a podiatrist who had already given me two cortisone shots and a brace to wear with little relief and no long term success.   He was recommending surgery.   Charlotte said she would treat me, but asked me to commit to seeing her regularly for 6 weeks.  Within only 3 weeks,  I had little or no pain. 6 weeks total healing.  Since then I have had no problems with my foot.   Charlotte did not just treat my foot,  but cared about my total health.  She recommend natural supplement to improve my overall health.  Now if any health issues come up,  I consult Charlotte.  I recommend seeing her once a month for general well being.   Several hair-size needles is nothing compared to facing a surgical knife.

— Tina, Austin, Tx

My husband and I struggled with infertility for over three years – I had very irregular cycles and he had a low sperm count. We went to six different doctors (2 OBGYNs, 2 Reproductive Endocrinologists, and 2 Urologists). They all said that there wasn’t anything we could do to improve our fertility, but they were all eager to discuss next steps with us – hormones, varicocele surgery (which my husband didn’t even have!), IUI, IVF, you name it. We didn’t feel ready to proceed with next steps, so we figured that we were young and could make these decisions later down the road.

To our amazement, we unexpectedly got pregnant on our own last Spring. Sadly, that pregnancy ended in miscarriage. It was a devastating experience for us. We looked into acupuncture as a means of healing. We felt like we were finally doing something to achieve our goal of becoming parents, and if we ultimately needed to use infertility treatments, we’d at least be in a healthier place when we were ready. We both began seeing Charlotte Sobeck on a weekly basis. Charlotte was always comforting and compassionate, and allowed me to work through my grief and anxiety. She was always positive and confident in her ability to help us, and I am so appreciative of that.

With Charlotte’s guidance, my husband and I received weekly acupuncture treatments, took the prescribed herbs, improved our diets, and exercised regularly. Four months into our program, I was having regular cycles for the first time in my life & my husband’s latest sperm analysis came back normal. Less than two days after we got his results, I found out I was pregnant again! I have continued to see Charlotte throughout my pregnancy, and I look forward to each appointment. Acupuncture’s benefits are awesome – I don’t think I’ve been stressed out since I started seeing Charlotte almost a year ago.

All in all, my experience with Charlotte and Eastern Medicine has entirely changed my perspective on how to take care of my own health and well being.

–Amy E. Austin, Tx.

I can’t express my gratitude enough for Charlotte Sobeck. I started going to weekly acupuncture sessions coming off a very disappointing 2nd IVF attempt, and was willing to try anything to improve my chances. I have a heart condition that makes pregnancy unsafe for me, so my husband and I were attempting IVF with a surrogate to carry our baby. Unfortunately, we ran into lots of obstacles on my end of the process. I had gone through 2 IVF cycles and only had one frozen 5 day embryo to show for it. Egg quantity and quality were an issue for me at only 32 years of age. My weekly sessions with Charlotte gave me a new clarity and focus, and they were my safe haven. Through Charlotte, I learned so much about my body, how to read my own signals, and that there were things I could do to improve my egg quality and over all health and fertility. I felt empowered and revitalized and I committed to Charlotte’s recommendations for 6 months before attempting a final IVF cycle. We were able to do a 5 day fresh transfer with our surrogate, and she is currently 25 weeks pregnant with our baby boy! This absolutely would not have happened without Charlotte’s care. She made the difference for me and made this possible for us. Charlotte is so knowledgeable, calming, understanding, supportive, and genuine. I just knew I was in the best hands and I trusted her completely. We were in it together, and she treated the whole me, not just my fertility. My emotional, spiritual, and physical health all improved through her guidance.

AH, Austin Tx

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