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Teens Love Acupuncture!

It’s true — teenagers love and benefit from acupuncture in so many ways.  Acupuncture helps balance male and female hormone cycles, and when teens are first navigating new hormone fluctuations it can feel intense for both teens and their parents!  Acupuncture helps teens unwind and relax, supporting them in the intense demands of the middle and high school years.

As us parents of teenagers know, it’s hard to slow them down – yet acupuncture actually does “pin them down!” . . . for awhile anyway.  Over and over in our clinic I witness teens easily go into a deep state of relaxation with acupuncture.  Yes, they sleep, unwind, and wake up refreshed and ready to conquer their multi-faceted day!

Acupuncture helps unplug, reset and unwind that overtaxed teenage brain!  There is so much growing and transition from the teen adolescent years well into their 20’s — big hormonal changes, demands at school and in sports, and just learning to navigate the everyday stressors of life.   The transformation from adolescence to young adult is hard work.  My son is very active in sports and says acupuncture helps his tired muscles let go, relax and stay strong.   It helps him quickly overcome the bumps and bruises that come with the active teen boy lifestyle, and it helps him focus and study for big tests at school.  He often says hey mom “how ’bout some acupuncture!”

Here’s a personal acupuncture account from Isabel Luecke, a lovely accomplished teen writer who frequently visits our clinic and would like to share her experience with our peeps:

“It was just the other day that, suffering from both writer’s block and the carpal tunnel that was the symptom of not having writers block, that I went to get acupuncture. This had not been my first visit and, unless I suddenly end up living solely in a survivalist bunker, it will not be my last. I use acupuncture to treat everything from colds to skin blemishes, to re-inspire and relax. It is truly something that I whole-heartedly recommend for people of all ages.”

And here’s a personal quote from sweet Gracie, age 13 who also comes regularly for acupuncture:

“I have been going to Charlotte for acupuncture for a few months to work on relaxation for anxiety. I like it because it is relaxing and helps me get a grip on life.  It doesn’t hurt at all.  I love it!

Acupuncture helps teens learn a strong and steady pattern of  slowing their bodies down, letting go to rest, and to breathe and unwind when it’s needed.  Self-care is a nice thing to teach our teenagers, and a skill that gets refined over time and serves them well.   Believe me your teen will thank you for introducing them early in life to this ancient medicine for our sometimes overstimulating busy modern world.  Even if at first teens are skeptical or a little bit nervous – they quickly become believers once they experience the deep relaxation and healing power of Acupuncture.

I’ve also noticed some of our teens are having allergies.   Here in Austin along with all the lovely bloomin’ green, and the beautiful lakes and rivers that support the nature that abounds — come the high mold spores, grass and tree pollen.  Sometimes we get an over-zealous immune response to this abundance of pollen inundating our body, causing things like sneezing, runny nose, itchy eyes, scratchy throat, and swollen lymph glands — this is an overactive inflammatory response.  Acupuncture helps to balance, soothe and support the immune system so it does not consider the pollen and molds threatening invaders requiring such arduous response.  A little proactive care at home helps too, nasal rinses – I recommend NeilMed, showers to rinse off the excess pollen from the day, a healthy diet free of inflammatory foods, and the right herbal remedies and supplements to help support the immune system through the more challenging seasons here in Austin.

Helping your teen set up a support network outside the vital support they get at home is nice because it expands their self-care knowledge and supports you in your job as parents — it takes a village!

So instead of here take this pill to fix what ails you (but beware it may cause other issues) — acupuncture says . . .  here try this needle it will remind your body of what it innately knows how to do . . . balance, relax,  heal and transform!  To add to the good qi flowing here at Acupuncture Together, we keep it affordable by giving treatments in a group setting so you can come along with your teen if you’d like to — or just drop them off and pick them up in an hour!  Many Lamar and McCallum kids are right in the Acupuncture Together hood, so once they are all set up in our system they can schedule online and walk down themselves whenever they would like an Acu Nap – especially if you buy them a 6 pac which saves you even more money!

Make your appt. here, $30.00 for the first treatment, $25.00 for all treatments thereafter, or 6 treatments in a package for $125.00.

Pregnancy and Postpartum Care $25.00 a Treatment at Acupuncture Together!

Excellent self care during pregnancy and afterwards in the postpartum year sets the stage for well-being throughout motherhood and the nourishment extends to your child, family and beyond.  Taking care of yourself first really matters!

Many things contribute to well-being during pregnancy, including plenty of rest, eating a well rounded nutritious diet, gentle exercise, stress management and nurturing your passions to mention a few.

Acupuncture treatments are excellent self care to help keep your body’s energies flowing freely, balancing and relaxing so your body can focus on what it is innately able to do — grow a strong healthy baby and stay healthy afterwards!

In addition to relaxing your body and helping to manage stress, regular acupuncture relieves common minor ailments experienced during a pregnancy — for instance back and hip pain, neck and shoulder tension, achy joints, carpal tunnel, numbness and tingling in fingers, sciatica, pregnancy rhinitis, swelling of hands and feet, fatigue and more.

Taking care of yourself also teaches your children the importance of self care in their own lives. My heartfelt advice is to become solidly settled into rituals of self care during your pregnancy which will enable you to care for others from a full cup and avoid going into motherhood depleted.  A solid self care practice during pregnancy will keep your reserves flowing for when they are needed even more — in motherhood!

Schedule your appointment at Acupuncture Together to get started in your acupuncture self-care ritual for the pregnancy and postpartum years.

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Welcome to the practice of Charlotte Sobeck MSOM, L.Ac.

Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) is a complete medical system to diagnose and treat illness, prevent disease, and improve overall health. TCM has evolved over centuries of observation and careful documentation, and has been relied upon by the Chinese culture for over two thousand years. It has withstood the test of time simply because it works.

Charlotte Sobeck  is trained and experienced in all aspects of Traditional Chinese Medicine and beyond, including acupuncture, herbal medicine, pediatric acupuncture and acupressure, bodywork, and holistic healthcare counseling.  Providing the best of both worlds in healthcare, Charlotte teaches patients the vital role they play in creating optimal health.  Working from the “ground up” combining her knowledge of local seasonal foods, diet and nutrition with the ancient practice of Chinese Medicine.   Charlotte helps her patients understand how an old world medicine can blend with healthy new world ways to nurture and heal mind, body and spirit. Charlotte’s specialties include:

“It is one of the most beautiful compensations of this life that no man can sincerely try to help another without helping himself.”

— Ralph Waldo Emerson, American Poet