Herbal And Holistic Healthcare Consult

Herbs are an integral part of Chinese medicine and can be used along with acupuncture to enhance the healing process.  Charlotte offers one hour very thorough holistic healthcare consultations for a fee (email/phone or home visit).  You may reach Charlotte at cls@seasonshealth.com to request a consult.  Charlotte will prescribe the best remedies for your current symptoms along with diet, nutrition and lifestyle tips.  Payment is due prior to email / phone consult, or at home visit, and may be made directly to Charlotte via PayPal at cls@seasonshealth.com.  Request a PayPal invoice if you do not know how to send money via PayPal.

How it works:

  1. Print out the consult form here, fill it out, scan and return in an email to cls@seasonshealth.com.  If you are a new patient other forms will be required – Charlotte will send them to you.
  2. Charlotte will then consult with you by email/and phone, or home visit if requested.  She will provide a written herbal prescription and other holistic healthcare recommendations.
  3. Charlotte will send most herbal prescriptions to AOMA Herbal Medicine Pharmacy (either North or South) at AOMA Graduate School of Integrative Medicine.   Recommended Supplemental Prescriptions can usually be purchased at Peoples Pharmacy or Med Savers.
  4. Pick up your herbal prescription and follow Charlotte’s instructions.