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Affordable Accessible Fertility Acupuncture in Austin!

Have you ever felt the high prices of modern fertility treatments in both western assisted reproductive technology and eastern acupuncture are limiting your visits even though you feel it is working . . . let’s face it, modern fertility treatments can be hard on the pocketbook.

Western fertility intervention can also be hard on your health and body as well.  For couples wading through the waters of fertility, affordable holistic support can be the perfect fit — it’s good for your health and your pocketbook, making it work on your family budget.

I’ve helped countless couples and single mothers by choice realize their dream of a baby through acupuncture, herbal medicine and holistic health care coaching over the last 15 years in my own practice, an eastern medicine fertility clinic, and now at my favorite place – this wonderful affordable and accessible clinic Acupuncture Together.  Ashley O’Brian, the clinic owner and myself have a combined 26 years of experience as acupuncturists, and we both live and raise our own kids in the Brentwood Neighborhood where we treat patients.

At Acupuncture Together we provide $28.00 treatments so couples can partake often enough to actually make a positive difference in their health and fertility without going into debt to do so!  Couples can even get  “acupuncture together” in our comfortable group setting!  So you can get poked here, then go home and get poked again!  Speaking of . . . treating male fertility, it is just as important as female fertility and often goes unattended to.  Fact is over half of couples that have fertility issues have an unidentified contributing issue found in the male partner, like low sperm count, poor morphology, varicocele, all of which acupuncture helps to correct.

Acupuncture partnered with good diet, nutrition and a healthy lifestyle can help you conceive and carry a healthy baby to term.  Advanced maternal age is one factor to consider as couples are waiting longer to start families, however as I know from my own personal experience, even at an advanced age women can conceive when they tend mindfully to their overall body health and balance – reducing chronic stress, examining the quality of their diet, considering factors in the environment and elsewhere that disrupt the hormonal balance, incorporating good self care rituals and getting acupuncture!

In fact, it has been estimated that acupuncture can increase your likelihood of pregnancy by 40-60%…that’s comparable with a lot of drug-based fertility treatments out there.  Studies show acupuncture alone can help to correct infertility issues . . .

  • Acupuncture improves blood flow to the uterus, ovaries and male reproductive organs —strengthening the male and female reproductive organ systems making conceiving and carrying a baby more possible.
  • Balances male and female hormones and hormone cycles
  • Regulates digestion and other organ functions, which is vital to fertility.  
  • Reduces body tension, stress and anxiety – helping your body breathe, let go and relax so it can do what it’s innately able to do — conceive and carry a healthy baby to term.

So consider Acupuncture Together — your affordable, accessible and well established acupuncture clinic in north central Austin as a part of your fertility care team.  We will take excellent care of you!

Make your appointment and read more about our clinic here.

Happy Baby Making!!!

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